Apple, carrot, cucumber, spinach & butternut squash juice


Juicing can be great to add a bit of extra fruit and veg into your daily diet. There is tons of healthy inspiration out there of things you can put in a juicer, so there is no shortage of recipe ideas! Last week, I read that Zen Sophie brought a juicer and shared her first Carrot, Orange and Ginger Juice recipeToday, I am going to share with you my own creation – apple, carrot, cucumber, spinach & butternut squash juice!


It really is all that simple. You chop up your fruits and veggies and put them into your juicer. And for a first attempt, it actually tasted pretty good too. This juice is packed full of goodness, and has countless health benefits too. 

This blend gives an energizing health kick, and it crammed full of vitamins and minerals. Just check out what one glass can give you:

  • vitamin K (bone health)
  • vitamin C (skin & brain health)
  • vitamin A (eye health)
  • vitamin B6 (liver detox)
  • vitamin B2 (energy production)
  • manganese (blood sugar control)
  • folate (cell production & nervous system)
  • magnesium (energy production)
  • iron (oxygen transport)
  • fibre (supports healthy digestion)
  • zinc (immune function & skin health)

Wow, that is a bit of a health kick huh? Why not give juicing a go yourself, whether you are looking to increase your energy, improve your skin, give yourself a bit of a detox, drop a few extra pounds, or just to generally feel healthier. There is a juice recipe out there for you!

Do you ever juice? What are your favourite recipes?

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4 thoughts on “Apple, carrot, cucumber, spinach & butternut squash juice

    • Thank you Sophie :D
      We only brought the juicer yesterday, so pretty new to it. I have made a few, carrot, kale, apple, grapefruit and ginger was nice! I really love making them, except it is a pain to clean every time. Have you made any good recipes lately? x

      • Aw that sounds delicious too! I’ve just gone for simple ones so far – either through recipes or using left over fruit and vegetables! There’s a free kindle juicing book available so looking to try more of those – have you seen that book? Sophie x

      • Yep simple is usually the best! I have a kindle so will be sure to check out the recommendation, thanks! I have just been googling ideas, but a book would be pretty handy :)

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