Listen to your teachers (Who is your surfer dude?)


I usually try and find an inspirational, uplifting, image or thought provoking positivity quote to begin each blog post with. But this morning, I had nothing. Except for this super cute picture of my super cute adorable kitten, Simba. So that will have to do this week I’m afraid.

Let me just share a little bit of trivia with you about my everyday life. I am currently studying for a Health Sciences degree with the Open University. And, like most people, I have a Facebook account. And only recently, have I discovered that there are in fact social media communities for the likes of us Open University students to join in with and discuss how the module is going, and so on.

Or, like the majority, procrastinate on anything else other than the module before thinking that they should probably log off Facebook if they have any hope of actually getting their degree.

Whist I was among the majority, and contemplating doing something more productive with my time, another (totally unrelated) group caught my eye in the “pages I may like” bit, entitled - Buddhist Boot Camp. Curious of the general assumption made by Facebook, I followed the link, only to spend a further amount of time reading the quotes, stories and discussions shared by student of world religion, Buddhism and psychology, Timber Hawkeye. Half way down the page, I stopped and pondered upon this one for a while:

A few years ago I worked at a sandwich shop by the beach in Hawaii for a couple of months, and a 65 year old surfer stopped by every morning to say, “Every day is a good day, some are just better”. 

To this day I believe the entire purpose of me having that job was to hear that saying every day for a couple of months, to let it sink in, and then move on. 

Every day is a good day, some are just better! Thank you, teacher, wherever you are.

This little anecdote really resonated with me. Not only because of the inspirational positive vibes that the old surfer dude brought into his life every single day, but on a more deeper profound level, the notion that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, right now, at this very moment in your life. 

Challenges, or sandwich shop jobs, are here in our lives to serve a purpose. Oftentimes, we have absolutely no idea what they are trying to teach us at the time or why, and no doubt you really could do without them, but if you trust that the reasons will come clear in the future, life tends to be a little easier.

Just like the surfer dude who came in for his sandwich every single day, we all have our own unsuspecting teachers. The persistently critical boss at work who unwittingly teaches you skills in patience and tolerance. The tough essay you need to write and deadlines you need to adhere too, indirectly teaches you to persevere past obstacles to reach your goals. Your favorite musician or comedian can teach you not too take life too seriously. Hey, even your own pets can unintentionally teach us to chill out and enjoy having fun whilst reminding you to spend time appreciating the little things in life (like, toy mice and shoes, yeah, why do kittens love shoes so much?)

You never know, you might just be the unexpected teacher in somebody’s life, right now.

Awh, okay, just one more photo of Simba cat, then I really must get back to learning about genetics, ugh:


When things get too much, just have a nap.

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