5 reasons to start following your dreams, today.


We don’t have an eternity to realize our dreams, only the time we are here.” – Susan S. Taylor 

We all have our own personal dreams and ambitions don’t we? Some naturally more aspirational or obtainable than others. Do you dream of travelling the world? What about losing a few pounds and getting into better shape? Do you dream of writing a book? How about setting up your own business from home? Wishing you could learn a new skill or change career?

Each and every single one of us has our own dreams and visions for a better future. The only difference is that some of us work at making them happen, whilst others keep them simply as just dreams.  Here are my own collection of thoughts and ideas on how to make your dreams a living reality.

1. Take a small step, today.  

Every dream can be put into action by simply taking the very first step. Want to lose weight? Why not go join your local gym or start making better food choices, today. Want to get better at say, the guitar? Just pick it up and start playing. Even travelling the world can be obtainable by either taking smaller affordable trips or setting up a savings fund for that ultimate adventure. Dream big – research the possibilities into how to make your dream come true.

2. Accept the challenge.

Most dreams are tough and require a lot of hard work. Plus there will be plenty of set backs along the way before we start seeing the results we are waiting for. But we already know this don’t we. It’s not going to come as a great surprise. We also know that the reward at the end of it will be totally worth the effort you put into it. If our dreams were easy, well they wouldn’t need to be called dreams – we would have already achieved them. Yes, some days will be challenging and eating a cream cake will seem more appealing than going for a swim. But keep your dream in sight and you will get there. 

3. Make the commitment.

Weight loss won’t happen over night, nor will your savings fund grow in a matter of days. But small changes will start appearing if you keep it up. If you are learning something new, you will start to get better and better at it through perseverance and continued practice. Maybe you want to take up yoga but can’t touch your toes? By committing time on your yoga mat each week, you will start to notice increased flexibility. Don’t be deterred when things don’t happen as quick as you want them too – change is always happening each and every time you commit to your dream. 

4. Believe in yourself.

This is a big one. If we believe we can do it and make our dreams a reality, then there is absolutely nothing stopping this from being true. We all know our capabilities and limits – and us humans can do pretty amazing things, right? If you can write an e-mail, then why can’t you pen your thoughts into writing a book? If you can read a magazine, why can’t you study and learn something new? If we put our minds to it, there is no reason why we cannot achieve anything we want to do.  

5. You won’t regret it.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. If you have that opportunity to do something amazing, go do it. You don’t want to look back in years to come, wishing that you had been that little bit braver or pushed yourself that little bit further. If I didn’t change my life back in 2009, I would still be overweight and unhealthy. I would have never have started this blog, nor would I would have ever had the confidence to study for a science degree or travel to new places around the world. One small change can be the catalyst for so many other amazing things. Just go for it, I promise you that you won’t regret it. 

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