Nakd bars – gluten free raw wholefoods bars


The world of healthy snack bars can be a little confusing at times, right? Seemingly healthy products are appearing on our shelves all the time. Some claiming to be low in calories, others vital for that much needed mid-afternoon energy boost, some aimed at keeping your hunger at bay for hours on end. But it’s only on closer inspection we discover these bars are packed full of sugar and unnatural ingredients, and are probably no better for us than a bar of Dairy Milk.

Saying that, it is pretty hard to find a bar that isn’t crammed full of sugar and actually tastes good too. However, I think that Nākd bars have managed to find a nutritious natural recipe that isn’t high in added sugar without compromising on the taste. These bars also tick the gluten free, diary free and wheat free boxes – making them the perfect snack for those with coeliac disease, or an intolerance to lactose.

The lovely people at Natural Balance Foods sent me a box of 18 Nākd bars to try, in a variety of interesting looking flavours. And when the box arrived this morning and I saw they had caffè mocha, I immediately thought this is a bar that needs to be eaten, right now.


Caffé Mocha is the newest in the Nākd bar family. “Imagine the wonderfully rich aroma of freshly made cappuccino infused with chocolatey mocha, and you’ll get some idea of what Nākd Caffé Mocha is like” 

I have to agree, it really does taste like a cup of coffee in a snack bar. Made with just dates (55%), cashew nuts (26%), raisins (12%), cocoa (6%) and natural flavourings. It is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans or those who just love the taste of Caffé Mocha. And for the sugar content? It contains 17g per 35g bar which is only the naturally occurring, unrefined sugars found within fruit, plus it is so wholesome that it also counts as one of your 5 a day too. If you are into counting calories – this bar has just 130, and has 3g of both protein and fibre, keeping you fuller for longer.


Caffé Mocha is just one of the many delicious Nakd bar recipes out there. Check your local supermarket (usually in the ‘free from’ section) for the whole range. My favorites are Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Orange, and of course my new favourite, Caffé Mocha.

All the bars are made with just raw fruit and nuts and are kept as simple as possible. Take for example Cashew Cookie made from just dates (49%) and cashews (51%). Or the wholesome Gingerbread Bar made up of dates (48%), almonds (32%), pecans (18%), ginger, cloves & cinnamon.



If you likes these, why not try Nākd Protein Crunch bars too. All of their crunch bars are dairy, wheat and gluten free, packed with soya crunchies for extra protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer – they are also completely vegan friendly. Or for an extra protein punch, try Trek Protein Bars which contain up to 12g of protein and all the same wholesome ingredients as Nākd bars. Ideal for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, giving you a natural energy boost, whilst helping you increase your concentration when you need it most.

Are you a fan of Nakd bars or Trek Bars? Leave a comment and share your favourite flavours below!

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