Trago Lounge, Portswood (Southampton) – Falafel Burger


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190/192 Portswood Rd, Southampton, SO17 2LB
02380 558 515 – – @TragoLounge


We stopped for lunch today at Trago Lounge in Portswood, Southampton. And having eaten here once before, we came back again on the strength of their veggie and vegan options that were available, as well as it being in our local area. There are also tons of choices for the less-fussy eaters among us too, so it makes for the perfect place for everyone to find something they can enjoy. The staff here are mega friendly too. Hello again to the lady that served us and we chatted camera with.

Their twitter account describes them as ‘an informal, neighbourhood cafe/bar where families, friends and local residents can come for a coffee and something to eat’. Their website goes into detail about The Loungers which were founded in 2002 by a trio of longstanding friends which started as a handy location for them to drink and hang out… ( There are now nearly 50 Lounges all over the UK, pretty good going don’t ya think!

As expected, the place was pretty busy around a lunchtime in the summer holidays, but we still received quick service in a chilled-out laid back environment. We will be sure to return again at some point in the future. Plus the place has free parking around the back, so that is always a bonus!





Falafel burger:


Options available: (Click for full menus)




Connect with Trago Lounge: // Twitter: @theLOUNGERS OR @TragoLounge

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Thanks for a great meal Trago Lounge. See you again soon!

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